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Exterior Repairs & Painting at the Ministry of Education - Contract Award Notice Contract Award Notice 19/03/2020 View
Commercial Building Basement Water Pumping Contract Notice 21/02/2020 View
Purchase of New Chiller for Ministry of Education Contract Notice 21/02/2020 View
Demolition Services for NIB owned building Wulff Road Contract Notice 14/02/2020 View
Request for Information (RFI) - WordPress Maintenance & Support Services Contract Notice 05/02/2020 View
Bahamas Contract Award Notice: Exterior Repairs & Painting at the Paul L. Adderley Building Contract Award Notice 13/01/2020 View
Comprehensive Buildings Assessment Contract Notice 13/01/2020 View
Exterior Repairs & Painting at the J.L. Centre Contract Award Notice 07/01/2020 View
Fire Safety Installation Exercise Contract Notice 04/12/2019 View
Roof Repairs - Don Smith Building Contract Notice 14/11/2019 View
Audit Contract Notice 22/10/2019 View
Notice for Consultation - Public Procurement Bill 2019 Contract Notice 15/10/2019 View
test17 Contract Notice 09/10/2019 View
Test 17 Contract Notice 09/10/2019 View
Test 17 Contract Notice 09/10/2019 View
test 9 Contract Notice 09/10/2019 View
Repairs at the NIB Wulff Road Local Office Electrical Room Contract Notice 26/09/2019 View
Exterior and Interior Repairs at NIB Colonel Hill Local Office - Crooked Island Contract Notice 23/09/2019 View
Ministry of Education Building Access Ladder Contract Notice 11/09/2019 View
Professional Document Incineration Contract Notice 01/09/2019 View